Electronic cigarettes often contain nicotine. But the vast difference lies in the amount of nicotine: 3.36 mg/day for e-cigarettes versus 14-21 mg/day for traditional cigarettes. This means you can smoke an e-cigarette for about a week to intake as much nicotine as most smokers do in a day.
Dr. Michael Siegela, a physician who specializes in preventative medicine, noted  that the nitrosamine levels found in tobacco products are 300 to 1400 times higher than the amounts found in electronic cigarettes. In fact, e-cigarettes contain no more nitrosamine than that found in any nicotine replacement products, like the famous NicoDerm CQ.
The best e-cigarettes allow you to customize the exact amount of nicotine in the cartridge, including the option to include no nicotine at all. Cigarti is a brand that allows this kind of full customization, from nicotine levels to special flavoring.
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