Cigarettes kill more people each year than any other drug. This could be a compelling reason for many to ban cigarettes from the market. Indeed, this seems to be the direction America is headed, with bans taking place in bars, restaraunts, and college campuses. Actually, smokers are really being pushed out of every public place and expected to smoke in the privacy of thier homes.
I don't think we should expect a national ban on cigarettes. A general ban would not make people quit smoking, it would only make it even more difficult for consumers to purchase cigarettes. What seems more likely is more of what is already happening-- a gradual government effort to discourage smoking. People are being pushed away from smoking by localized bans, yes, but also by huge taxation. Advertising for cigarettes have also been highly regulated. These measures have been exceedingly effective at cutting down smoking in the country. We will probably see more similar measures taken to discourage more folks from smoking. Consumers are going to be forced into exploring alternatives to satisfy their needs, such as electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and nicotine replacement therapy.

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