E-Cigarettes: All the Pleasure. None of the Problems.

  • Electronic cigarettes address the problems associated with traditional cigarettes while still enabling people to enjoy the pleasures of smoking. Smoking has obvious health concerns for people, whether hygiene or cancer or second-hand smoke. Smoking also poses growing social concerns, you just can't smoke in the places you want.
    The electronic cigarette is battery powered. It heats up nicotine fluid to produce smoke, giving you the look and feel of smoking without actually burning anything. The e-cigarette eliminates concerns about health, second-hand smoke, smell, and legal restrictions. A nice added benefit is that they are much cheaper than regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes cost 50 to 80% less than traditional cigarettes. Hundreds of thousands of smokers are already smoking e-cigarettes, either to replace or cut down on their consumption of traditional cigarettes.

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    Electronic cigarettes have the same look and feel of traditional cigarettes. The big difference is that you are inhaling clean water vapor and nicotine rather than inhaling all those hazardous substances found in tobacco cigarettes – substances like tar, carcinogens, and carbon monoxide.

    To smoke an electronic cigarette, you simply inhale. There is no on or off button, the process is completely automatic. The taste is similar to traditional tobacco, but has a much smoother and cleaner feel. 

    The best version of e-cigarettes I have found is Cigarti. They offer complete customization. You get to choose your own style and color of the cigarette, your desired strength level of the nicotine, and you can also choose from many different flavors. The batteries used in Cigarti are also the best on the market, backed by a 1 year guarantee. The cigarettes themselves are easy to assemble, with only two pieces to put together instead of three. Cigarti's prices are so competitive, they offer a saving calculator on their site so you can see how much money you will save by using their cigarettes.

    Cigarti cartridges come in various strengths: High (8mg nicotine), medium (6mg nicotine), low (3mg nicotine), none (0mg nicotine). The outside appearance of the cigarette can be customized in many different ways and they are available in diverse flavors, including tobacco, apple, grape, orange, lemon, strawberry, vanilla and mint.

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